Eucalyptus oil

60% essential oil raw material eucalyptus oil single essential oil eucalyptus oil eucalyptus leaf oil contains cineole

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Chinese Name Eucalyptus oil
English product name Eucalyptus oil/globulus
Alias Eucalyptus oil, gray willow oil, eucalyptus oil, blue eucalyptus oil
product type Natural flavor oil
CAS 8000-48-4
Traits Colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid, cool herb smell
aroma Green scent, cool and sharp scent of pressing leaves, camphor scent, cool taste, with some bitterness, refreshing feeling
Specific gravity 20℃ 0.906~0.925
Refractive index 20℃ 1.459~1.461
Optical rotation 0~+10°
Main ingredients Cineole, terpineol, sesquiterpene alcohol, various ester alcohols, isoamyl alcohol, ethanol, terpenes
Content  60% Cineole
Solubility 1:5 dissolved in 80% ethanol
Storage conditions Dry and cool place, mixed with acid and alkali
package Packed in galvanized iron drum, 25kg plastic drum, 180kg/drum


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