• 06-04 2021
    On November 5th, the National Forest Chemical Flavor and Fragrance Enterprise Conference and the Annual Meeting of the Forestry Flavor and Fragrance Industry in Jiangxi Province was held in Jishui County. At the meeting, the forest chemical fragrance industry base in Jishui County, Jiangxi Province was inaugurated, and a group of forest chemical fragrance and fragrance industries settled in Jishui. Four projects involving a total investment of 70...
  • 06-04 2021
    The global epidemic caused the cancellation of the PCHI2020 Shanghai exhibition. After two years of waiting, raw material vendors can finally gather together. The 2021 cosmetic raw material industry world premiere (PCHI) will open at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 24, 2021....
  • 06-04 2021
    Litsea cubeba oil is our country’s valuable export oil. It contains citral and is one of the important natural fragrances in the fragrance industry. It is of great economic significance to do a good job in the distillation and processing of Litsea cubeba oil and improve the specification, quality and oil yield of the refined oil....
  • 06-04 2021
    Orange peel generally contains 2%~3% essential oil, which is widely used in the food industry, chemical industry and medicine....
  • 06-04 2021
    The extraction process of garlic oil mainly includes: steam distillation, solvent extraction, supercritical extraction, ultrasonic and microwave assisted extraction, etc. Next, three of the extraction methods will be introduced....
  • 06-04 2021
    Camphor is a special tree species in our country. Its roots, stems, branches and leaves contain camphor and camphor oil. Processing camphor and camphor oil is one of the ways to get rich in rural areas. Mainly through distillation extraction. The process flow and operation method are as follows:...
  • 06-04 2021
    For the harvest of valerian, all the leaves of valerian turn yellow, and the best time is to harvest in mid-July of the lunar calendar. Use a hoe to dig up the whole root. Pay attention to minimize the breakage of the root, remove the soil and residual stems and leaves. If it rains when harvesting, it must not be digging. Wait until the soil is dry before digging. The dug roots cannot be washed with water. Wet roots Or the amount and quality of t...
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